Waterdeep — Priests of Lathander have come to Waterdeep to recruit adventurers and warriors for “lasting hire” of two seasons or more. The task — to guard workers as a planned temple and farming community, New Dawn, is built in the wild countryside northwest of Secomber. The chosen site is in what local shepherds and drovers call the Hindhorn Hills, a rolling area of scrub woodlands, small cliffs, and deep ravines shown on few maps — an area rich in deer, hares, and hawks but plagued by roaming packs of wolves and armed bands of gnolls and orcs.

This scheme is no doubt inspired by the success of Goldenfields, but Voice of the New Dawn Harammas Malark describes its advent as “visions streaming into our minds straight from the Divine Morninglord himself.” These visions revealed to priest after priest the locale and structure of the temple-farm as if it were a real place. “It took me, at least, some time,” the spokespriest admitted, “to realize that our task was to make it real. For some months, we all thought we were being shown a farm that already existed as we were seeing it and that our duty was to find it.

“That ended when we all had new and very similar dreams, in which we saw a warrior-priest preaching to a throng of enthusiastic faithful. His words ended with the promise — ‘Our Lord leads us all through smoke and fire, to bright victory!’

“As the last clouds of night rolled away like dark smoke, he waved a sword above his head, flashing back the light of dawn like red fire, and brought it thrusting down into the ground — and behold! It struck there as a shovel, a war-blade no longer, and turned the earth aside, and the tillage was begun.”

Malark and his fellow priests of the New Dawn promise pay of no less than two dragons per day to every skilled warrior or battle-mage who “agrees to submit themselves utterly to our direction.” Such remuneration will begin as soon as the first priest-led expedition sets forth from Waterdeep’s gates toward the chosen site and continue throughout every day that includes shifts of duty.

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