Waterdeep — Since its release three days ago, a slender chapbook, What I Saw and Felt, is being enthusiastically sold and resold in the streets of Waterdeep, much to the fury of many in the nobility. Written by Ophyl Ramstel, the work is a “tell-all” tome of what the author observed and participated in at nobles’ revels over the last four seasons in Waterdeep.

Some Palace officials have unofficially commented that dozens of sealed, stiffly-worded notes from noble families have been delivered to Piergeiron during the last two days to protest the inaccuracy (or disapproval) of the contents of Ramstel’s book and demanding all copies be seized and the author exiled, flogged, or worse.

Ophyl Ramstel was a beautiful courtesan, formerly from Tethyr, who became known in certain exclusive circles in this city for her amorous (and acrobatic) skills, and was invited to many feasts, revels, and amusements hosted by various Waterdhavian nobility. After she refused to wed both Phorol Massalan, heir to the Massalan family fortune, and the wealthy ‘wonder powders’ merchant Vulphor Stralmaer, Ramstel was disfigured by a series of mysterious spells, potions that made her skin rot, and attacks with thrown vials of acid and whip-daggers.

Massalan flatly denies the widely-known connection between Ramstel and himself, while Stralmaer departed Waterdeep a season ago — his present whereabouts are unknown.

Ramstel herself is believed to still dwell in the city. She uses a new name, and magical disguises have given her a new appearance. Some anonymous street sources say she now poses as a man, and all such ‘nameless speakers’ agree she has hired several adventuring bands to “do dirty work” for her, using information gained about shady activities of the nobility during her associations with them.

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