Waterdeep — By proclamation of the Lords of Waterdeep, read out by Piergeiron at the Palace yestereve, a statue unlawfully erected in Court of the White Bull in Trades Ward has been pulled down and destroyed.

The statue, sculpted “skillfully” by unknown hands from imported marble, was of a lone, standing man in laborer’s garb, facing north-of-west (directly at the spires of the distant Palace). He held a hammer in one hand, and his other arm was outstretched in the act of making a certain gesture.

The statue has now been reduced to rubble and dust. Before the Lords reached their decision, the Watch was ordered to examine it out of fears it was a mimic setting up shop, as has happened before in Virgin’s Square.

No trace of monstrous nature was found, but Watch officers did discover that the statue sported several hidden ‘drop-scrip’ cavities (message caches). One contained a message that was seized by the Watch. Its contents have not been made public.

The statue was making a rude gesture known locally as ‘hooking’, in which a first finger is extended alone and curled into a hook, in the manner used by fishmongers to draw edible innards out of shellfish. This has long been a Dock Ward insult implying expulsion of bodily wastes toward the person to whom the gesture is directed.

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